> Excellent Masternode Platform
> 50% Block Rewards to Masternodes
> Hashing Algorithm: NeoScrypt
> Superior, efficient and fair mining
> ASIC-Resistant
> Block generation: 2 minutes
> Premine 3.4%
> InstantSend confirmation: ~5 seconds
> Difficulty retargets using Dark Gravity Wave
> Est. ~27M Max Coins
> Superior Transaction Anonymity using PrivateSend


IVO was launched as an open source cryptocurrency in August, 2017. It was a pre-announced fork of the Dash source code. VIVO has a very low pre-mine dedicated to the development and furthering of the currency, including having it listed on popular exchanges.

The development team brought their vision of a decentralized and secure masternode network to a passionate and energetic community, which has blossomed in a very short time into a cohesive business team.

VIVO has an ambitious roadmap, which will be extended as targets are met. The goal of the development team is to make this a leading currency in terms of ease of use and market reach. VIVO continues to be developed on top of a solid foundation of decentralization and security, with goals of ease of use and easy access first, market integration and purchasing power second.



VIVO is more than just a secure way to transfer value. It is a whole dynamic ecosystem which is being built from the ground up. These strong philosophies are what help to guide the VIVO community.


VIVO users must feel safe and secure transferring coins to and from their wallets. Transactions are 100% secure using the latest and most resilient encryption tools available.


VIVO was created to provide a highly decentralized network. It is easier to mine by a much wider audience, which makes it difficult to be controlled by one powerful group. Nodes connect to each other in a secure manner to prevent sensitive information from being revealed. Short and long-term development goals are clear and open to public discussion in our main forums.

VIVO is designed for privacy and speed in all financial transactions. Having financial privacy ensures that users are not pressured into changing their online spending habits to protect themselves from unauthorized and unwanted snooping. We consider privacy to be one of the most important features of a digital currency in today’s economic climate.


  • VIVO is an enhanced fork of Dash
  • Superior Anonymity In Transactions With PrivateSend
  • Fastest, Near-Instant Secure Transactions With Instant Send
  • VIVO holders can run Masternodes
  • Run your VIVO masternodes and get rewarded while supporting the VIVO network!
  • Learn what a Masternode is and how to setup a VIVO Masternode on our website.
  • VIVO Stands for Decentralization and Security
  • We offer the fastest secure transactions
  • Instant Send Confirmation Time: 5 seconds